• Nagasa:

    21.5 in / 54.6 cm
  • Sori:

    .48 in / 1.22 cm
  • Mekugi-ana:

  • Length OAL:

    26.5 in / 67.3 cm

This is a long wakizashi in shinogi-Zukuri style.

It is tori zori, iori mune, and chu kissaki.

Nakago is Kiri (or ichimonji, square) so it may be osuriage (a shortened sword). Oxidation on the nakago makes it a little difficult to determine the type of yasuri. This is an older blade with O-mokume, O-itame hada.

Hamon is sugaha with yakitsune or ko-maru boshi.

NTHK Papers attribute it to the Den Hoju, Den Ōshū from the Kansho period (1460).


Old tsuba and fuchi/kashira. Menuki are imperial chrysanthemum, but do not appear to be of typical gunto type.

Saya is older with shime (stripped) pattern. Tsuka was probably re-wrapped 20-30 years ago and not handled frequently.

Tsuba is signed and has gold seal with ancient kanji, partially worn

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