• Nagasa:

    69.9 cm. / 27.5 in.
  • Sori:

    1.3 cm. / .5 in.
  • Motomihaba:

    3.0 cm. / 1.19 in.
  • Motokasane:

    .7 cm. / .27 in.
  • Sakimihaba:

    2.0 cm. / .79 in.
  • Sakikasane:

    .4 cm. / .17 in.
  • Mekugi-ana:

  • Tsuka:

    21.6 cm. / 8.5 in.
  • Weight:

    Blade 625 gr. / 1.38 lb.
  • With fittings:

    865 gr. / 1.91 lb.

This is an elegant older mumei piece, koto or early shinto period.

The overall sugata is slight koshi-zori with a kanmuri otoshi zukuri blade shape, but with

a normal ko-kissaki with yokote and iroi mune.

The lower (shinoji-zukuri) end of the blade has a bobi with soebi, similar to a naginata- hi.

The older koshirae has an ishimeji (stone pattern) and shorter tsuka with copper and iron fuchi/kashira and menuki. The tsukamaki shows some wear with one strand over a menuki worn through. Habaki is silver plate.

The tsuba is a cast reproduction of a known piece.

Nakago is ubu with kengyo shape and measures 20.0 cm. (just under 8 in.). Yasurime is kattesagari.
The blade is masame and ko-itame with sugaha hammon in nioi-deki.

This piece is a little tired from polishing but still has life. There is a fukure-yabure on one side in the ji near the shinoji. This piece has excellent balance for use katate (one hand) and with its light weight and balance would make an ideal piece for a young or smaller person training in iaido.