• Nagasa:

    70.5 cm. / 27.75 in.
  • Sori:

    2.8 cm. / .9 in.
  • Motomihaba:

    : 3.4 cm. / 1.34 in.
  • Motokasane:

    .69 cm. / .27 in.
  • Sakimihaba:

    2.7 cm. / 1.05 in.
  • Sakikasane:

    .56 cm. / .22 in.
  • Mekugi-ana:


This is a solid piece from Meiriki period (1655-1658) smith, Iyesada. Beautiful mid-Edo period koshirae. Saya is embossed leather with specks of mother of pearl. It has a flat mune to help hide the width of the blade which is larger than usual. Iyesada was known for making sharp blades that were good cutters (wazamono) and this width contributes to cutting ability. All fittings match with fuchi, kashira, and menuki of family mon. Piece includes a kogai (skewer) with silver crane that matches the silver crane on the tsuba and an excellent condition old sageo .

This piece is tori-zori with chu-kissaki, ko-maru. Chu-mokume hada. Hammon is gunome with slight yakidashi, nioi and nei. Yasurime is sajikai. The shinoji-ji has a steep angle which gives this piece good balance.

Signed: Iyesada with 2 kanji (Ohushu Sendai Ju Iyesada).

Iyesada produced in Rikuoko (Rikuzen) province (Ohushu) and was a pupil of the 1st Kunikane.

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