• Nagasa:

    69.0cm. / 27.25 in.
  • Sori:

    1.54 cm. / .60 in.
  • Motomihaba:

    3.19 cm. / 1.25 in.
  • Motokasane:

    .64 cm. / .25 in.
  • Sakimihaba:

    2.27 cm. / .90 in.
  • Sakikasane:

    .51 cm. / .20 in.
  • Mekugi-ana:


This piece is signed Chōshū Ju Kiyoshige and dated Kanbun Ni Nen hachi Getsu Hi (1662, a day in August). He produced in the Kanbun period (1661-1673), in Nagato and his real name was Hasegawa Hachizaemon. The signature is a little bit suspicious and this may be a gimei (forged signature piece). Never the less, it is a well- made sword and price reflects the suspect signature.

It has a black new made saya in fuemaki-nuri or shimamoyō (stripped) patern with older black samagawa tsuka carrying taco (octopus) motif menuki. Tsuba is a nice early Edo period iron piece.

This piece is a little tired, but still healthy for many years. It is torizori with chu-kissaki. Ko-itame hada with suguha in ko nie-deki hamon showing a very slight notare.

The nakago is ubu with osujikai yasurime and ha agarikurijiti.

Asking Price: $4,750.00