• Length:

    76.0 cm / 30”
  • Sori:

    2.2 cm / 0.9”
  • Mekugi-ana:


Seishinshi Nagatoshi
Sadatoshi (his son) together made.

清心子 長寿

貞寿 合作

Showa Go Ju Roku Nen, Hachi Getsu, Hi

昭和 五十六年 八月 日 (August 1981)

Description: kokissaki, deep sori, tachi style, strong koshizori. Koitame with jinie, chikei with utsuri, suguha with komidare, ashi, you, sunagashi, kin-suji, ko-nie,

Fittings: This piece has some beautiful fittings. Leather wrapped tsuka with silver, wild boar menuki. The saya is shimaseki (striped) black on black with silver inlay. Unique signed tsuba (yasuchika bushi no ju)
Notes: Includes shirasaya.

Nagatoshi 長寿
: Seishinshi Nagatoshi, Seishinshi Nagatoshi Saku (kao). Nagatoshi’s original name

was Kojima Tamekazu 小島為一. He was born in Meiji 34, 1901 and learned sword- making from his father Kojima Tomoro Kunitomo 小島友郎國友 and older brother Genbusai Shigefusa 玄武斎重房. He started making swords in Showa 8 and focused on the Bizen tradition especially the style of Osafune Nagamitsu 長船長光. Nioi based choji hamon with long ashi and well-forged mokume hada with frosty ji-nie are the main characteristics of his work. He was contracted to work for the Japanese Army at the Osaka arsenal in Showa 16, and in Showa 49, 1974, he was designated as the Important Intangible Cultural Property by the Tokushima Prefecture Government 徳島県 重要無形文化財 for his contribution of over forty years of sword-making.

This piece he made with his son Sadatoshi (also a sword smith) and they both signed.

Asking Price: $12,500